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2) our company canceled his deals in accordance with the agreement which everybody accepts when opens an account with our company. So far, I am not convinced by the arguments put forward by LimeFX. I have just asked the supreme admin to temporarily suspend all LimeFX advertising. Without solid proof that they are trying to scam LimeFX, the threads stay here. I want to underline that IFX company does not scam people.

LimeFX employs a perfectly just system of security check-ups which help to identify possible frauds that might happen at the client’s side. These include identity thefts, money laundering instances and abuse of the company’s policies. Forex options service is available for traders in two versions – in the client cabinet and as an add-on for the metatrader4 platform. Both are absolutely secure; however, they serve different needs. 3) our company canceled not only his deals, but others clients, and among these clients there were a lot of people who lost very big sums because of this failure and we returned them their money. Once you open account with LimeFX you will gain access to online account management area where all money transaction and management is done.

Is LimeFX Safe Or A Scam?

Along with the main license, the broker serves additional entities in offshore zones, in BVI registered by FSC and saint vincent and the grenadines. Even though we do not recommend trading with offshore brokers only, additional regulations from europe provide necessary guidelines complied with safety measures. LimeFX has been fined by cysec for several reasons, including that “it did not act fairly, honestly and professionally in accordance with the best interests of its clients.” Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. Prove to me that they are really the same person trying to scam you and I will kill their discussion threads and ban their FPA accounts.

Sometimes the whole examination process gets stuck because a trader neglects requests of the company about certain documents or fails to provide them in decent quality. To be honest, forums are full of discussion on such instances. However, once a given a closer unbiased look, the accusations fall apart. After all, a company who provides that many services for hundreds of thousands of active traders does want to keep its own sustainability alive and well. This is, however, a fair price tag for the tools they provide to the traders completely free of charge.

  • But when its showing red, the market begins to move very fast.
  • I contacted LimeFX about it and they said that they transferred the right amount and it could have been a mistake in the bank.
  • The clients were never paid for the profits LimeFX took from their accounts.
  • C. One person acts as an account manager for the other.

Google safe browsing is a service created by google inc. Alexa is a popular web service known to rank websites Long (finance) by their estimated popularity. Check if LimeFX.Com is detected by services like google safebrowsing.

How To Open Demo Account

LimeFX leverage is determined by various measures and firstly set according to the regulatory requirements in the region or another. Besides, LimeFX takes a very active part in various worldwide sponsorships or social events. Among the former and current partners of LimeFX are borussia dortmund liverpool FC, dragon racing, dakar rally, ole einar bjorndalen , daria kasatkina and other prominent athletes and sports teams. LimeFX brings a solution from the world’s leading developers allowing you to perform trading facilitated through the largest counteragents providing direct access to the market. Some people claim that the belize IFSC threw LimeFX out. LimeFX claims they voluntarily gave up being regulate there.

There is also an exhaustive list of technical analysis indicators that can be applied to the chart of an asset. Forex options service has not only the same high quality level of execution competitive to that of the world-class platform, but also the set of technical analytical tools to help traders limefx forex broker make educated decisions. So, LimeFX has ensured that its in-house implementation of forex options is a competitive offer on the binary market. The most important question any trader asks before depositing money with a certain broker is if the broker works honestly or scams its clients.

Tick Trades

Nevertheless, let us know your opinion about LimeFX, share your experience and do not hesitate to ask for additional information if necessary. As well, always consider rollover or overnight fee as a cost, which is about –1.15 for short positions on eur/usd and 0.3 on long ones, which are trading strategy held longer than a day. But keep in mind that islamic accounts with swap-free features are available at request and are free. Yet these conditions depending on the entity regulatory obligations and settled according to applicable demands, so be sure to verify those as per your residency.

LimeFX scam

That was when I discovered LimeFX was manipulating their platform. Get people to start considering your products or services by increasing website traffic, app traffic, and app installs. Russia-based forex broker LimeFX has announced a new sponsorship deal with viswanathan anand, a former world chess champion.

️new LimeFX Org Reviews: Scam Or Legit?

The LimeFX review accomplished the broker who adheres to the highest levels of quality while working in accordance with the international laws and local standards in particular countries. Throughout the history of their operation, the firm shows rapid growth along with technology development, trading tools and overall offering to the client. Withdrawals are performed through the same manner as the deposit was done and along with that, LimeFX covers some fees for money transfers, bringing a possibility not to worry about extra charges on payments. Nevertheless, always contact customer service and verify conditions according to your country rules. Yet remember that correct leverage should be set to various instruments, as it may increase your potential losses as well.

LimeFX scam

Viswanathan anand will be the brand ambassador of the company and will help the broker promote forex trading and education. Clients of LimeFX can also conduct tick deals right through a web-browser with the help of its unique instatick trader platform. Featuring an intuitive interface, this platform enables to benefit from price fluctuations within a stated period of time at ease and convenience. The platform offering itself includes the most powerful currently available platform – MT4 and MT5 along with multiterminal and compatibility with any device. The company regularly updates the trading list, thus clients of LimeFX were among the first ones to trade bitcoin and cfds on facebook and twitter.

It is not a complicated procedure to submit and sign for a practise account known as demo account, which is recommended to open at the very beginning. You can simply follow the account opening link above in our LimeFX review and proceed with the opening. Even in march of 2020, LimeFX.Com’s website still claimed that the instavector branch of the company is registered with the russian federal financial markets service. Even without a bonus being involved, it is possible for LimeFX to confiscate profits based on an unsupported accusation of cheating. Help future customers by talking about customer service, price, delivery, returns & refunds. When he applied for bonus he accepted the agreement on welcome bonus receipt, the 7 clause of this agreement says that the company has a right to cancel bonus and deals in case dishonest bonus usage is revealed.

The FPA does not consider LimeFX.Com, LimeFX.Eu or any related site to be a good or legitimate company. The world’s largest set of shopper data, connecting consumers across devices and finding behavior patterns and intent signals. The brains behind each commerce media campaign, ensuring the right ad, right place, right limefx broker reviews time, every time. Commerce-focused AI and data work together to help brands, retailers, and publishers deliver smarter consumer experiences. Encourage interested people to make a purchase by increasing website conversions, app conversions, and in-store conversions. C. One person acts as an account manager for the other.

The website has a traffic rank of #16,632 among millions of other sites according to alexa data. An online shop that has to handle personal information and payments MUST use an HTTPS connection. I would not buy goods from an online shop created a few months ago. I would personally avoid to buy products from a site that is blacklisted. WOT is a popular browser plugin used by thousands of users to rate online shops and websites.

We may not have enough details to judge a website created only a few months ago. An alexa rank higher than 0 and less than 500,000 means the site has a good amount of traffic. I would personally not trust limefx company reviews a website that has a low trustworthiness on WOT. In case alexa has not enough data for a website, the rank will be 0. A secure HTTPS connection encrypts all data sent between you and the remote website.

In 2008, two FPA members were accused of cheating while using an LimeFX bonus. LimeFX not only removed the bonus, but also confiscated the profits that both traders had made. LimeFX’s representative to the FPA promised to provide evidence to back up this cheating accusation. Instead, she just kept emailing her claim that they cheated and said that her repeated unsupported claims of cheating qualified as proof of cheating. The FPA does not consider repeating an accusation dozens of times to be evidence that the accusation is true. The clients were never paid for the profits LimeFX took from their accounts.

See below comparison on some popular instruments and LimeFX spread, as well compare fees to another popular broker LimeFX. For the trading costs themselves, the broker offers a range of various floating spreads depending on the technology you use. Also, according to the preferences you select through your account area there are options to choose the fee method and use either spread or commission basis. On standard account costs are fixed spreads of 3 pips on majors offered, while eurica accounts offer zero spreads and inbuilt its costs into fixed commissions which are paid after a deal is closed. Which means, this way, the bid price equals to the ask price on eurica accounts. LimeFX offers a wide choice of trading account types, yet regardless of the jurisdiction, standard and eurica accounts are available.


They really did settle it and the right amount was reflected in my balance. If it was another broker, they probably won’t bother to talk to the intermediary and will just tell me to ask the bank myself. This makes beginning traders feel very comfortable and supported, and of course, it is an essential part for trading success. Experienced traders also can enjoy materials and research tools provided and included into a trading platform or available online.

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LimeFX Review 2022: Is LimeFX Legit or Scam?.

Posted: Wed, 02 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

So far, all I can see is that they both signed up at about the same time and both placed exactly the same trade. We are interested in building good and trusting relationship with our clients. This additional check should help you make the right choice. We check the domain extension to see if it is related to commonly abused tlds.

It is pretty difficult to detect a fraudulent broker from the first glance, especially with the modern hard marketing techniques. Still, there are a few areas pointing out a potential scam nature of a broker. Mainly, implementation of the trading platform as well as the deposit and withdrawal process. Let’s take a look at how these features come into action at forex options by LimeFX. General LimeFX priority is to provide a wide range of services while at any stage trader is rightfully treated.

We revealed that yulia and barunia is one person who used unscrupulous methods for bonus receipt. LimeFX does have an advertising contract with the FPA at this time. They have been told that they will be held to the same or higher standards than companies that do not advertise here. If the issue can be worked out, they can remain as advertisers.

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