Is Life Better Without Alcohol? 7 Benefits Of Living Alcohol

This thick­en­ing and hard­en­ing of your artery walls can cause seri­ous health con­di­tions includ­ing heart attacks, strokes or an arrhyth­mia (irreg­u­lar heart beat). You don’t have to justify your choice to not drink to anyone. However, depending on your comfort level, it can be helpful to think about how you will respond to people who may ask why you aren’t drinking (not that it’s anyone’s business!). For example, if you’re going out with a group, you can offer to be the designated driver, or you can say you have to work early.

alcohol free lifestyle

So now, I over exercise and use it in a maladaptive way. And I had to kind of back up and think like, Okay, so what’s going on in my life, that even though I’m not picking up a drink, I’m doing something else that’s harming me. So I had to kind of take a step back from exercising, and really evaluate. Okay, I definitely going through a depressive phase, I think a lot of people are February and March are really the highest months for people to have depression and anxiety. And, you know, I’m in between jobs, or, you know, we’re working through this investment with the reframe app. And it’s, you know, anytime we’re working with a startup, like, you know, there’s a lot of instability, you know, and managing multiple people and working within the recovery in the mental health space.

Alcohol Dependency

Turn to these resources for help prioritizing… A psychologist and behavior-change expert weighs in on the social media exchange.

alcohol free lifestyle

It can ruin relationships and families in the blink of an eye. It also can be very bad for both your mental and physical health. Your best option to avoid all of this is to live an alcohol-free lifestyle, where you will not only be healthier but a potentially happier person. As the dopamine increase from alcohol soon wears off, and you can become more depressed than happy.

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So right now, our main platform is Instagram, which is just at 1000 hours dry. And what it really is right now is an online support system and a community.

But it is like it’s getting so much more normalized. Yeah, I mean, I think because I came from a background where I originally did use the label, you know, I did get sober at 23. Like you said, I feel like when I say that it seems so long ago, right? It’s like five years, but in the in the sober and recovery space, that is a really long time, because there’s so much that has happened over the last five years.

alcohol free lifestyle

Or is it based on something completely different like a broken relationship – divorce – career change. Going alcohol-free later in life supports your overall well-being as you age, just the same as a certain eating plan or exercise plan. An increase in blood alcohol levels brings excitement and relaxation, but anxiety and depression can set in as soon as the BAC levels begin to decline. You never know who you will inspire by your choice to live life on your terms. I was drinking to escape the reality of my shitty job, poor self-image, and the anxiety that I felt, especially as I got into perimenopause. Will help you make a practice out of shifting your mindset to empower wherever you are in your sobriety journey.

Tune in for a judgment-free, inspiring conversation about just what possibilities can open up when we rethink old patterns and assumptions. A big part of alcohol recovery is not only learning to quit drinking but also learning to live a healthier lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition and exercise. While everybody differs, regaining a healthy weight is a realistic goal for many people who maintain sobriety for the long term. And so it’s breaking up that cycle, and telling your body, okay, I’m going to try something different. So really, it’s just a hindrance to everything genuinely. Welcome to the Hello Someday Podcast, the podcast for busy women who are ready to drink less and live more. I’m Casey McGuire Davidson, ex-red wine girl turned life coach helping women create lives they love without alcohol.

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Not to minimize it, but there are other trendy lifestyles that have promoted an alcohol-free life. That’s all well and good, although to be clear, there is a difference between someone being “sober curious” and being sober. Sober generally refers to an alcoholic getting clean. Sober curious, on the other hand, refers to a lifestyle choice a person makes for health reasons. While the term “sober curious” may be novel, it is now a new trend.

  • It’s also one of the most dangerous drugs, with over 10 million people becoming addicted to it every year.
  • Sobriety isn’t for those who are alcoholics or “problem” drinkers.
  • This is why many people who consume large amounts of alcohol over extended periods of time tend to struggle with bouts of pneumonia and tuberculosis.
  • I was drinking to escape the reality of my shitty job, poor self-image, and the anxiety that I felt, especially as I got into perimenopause.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is available. Your relationships are important so being alcohol-free can have a significant impact on them. Alcohol abuse is one of the most common causes of arguments in relationships because it leads to bad communication and anger problems. A 2021 study involving 371,463 people further found that alcohol use contributes to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, regardless of how much is consumed. This is why many people who consume large amounts of alcohol over extended periods of time tend to struggle with bouts of pneumonia and tuberculosis.

The Dry Life: Adopting An Alcohol

But, I was more afraid to continue with my drinking because I knew I wasn’t happy as I was. According to the North America Menopause Society, women who drink alcohol are likely to report more hot flashes and night sweats cases. Low levels of reproductive hormones increase our risk of osteoporosis, depression, skin changes, and heart problems, but alcohol makes us more vulnerable to their early-onset. There is no safe level of alcohol consumption; just like any other drug, alcohol poses a threat to your health. Even tiny bits of it can have a considerable impact on your health.

More immediately, though, she found that her physical appearance improved. Her skin began to look much better while she found it easier to control her weight.

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It’s not necessarily this emotional thing, you know, where Oh, I’m always drinking, because I’m feeling this certain way. It’s like, sometimes it’s just as automatic as brushing alcohol free lifestyle your teeth. Yeah, I it’s just, I think it’s breaking down. Like, I can always use the same metaphors, right. But I think people really understand metaphors better.

  • For people like Gottlieb, the sober curious movement is having a positive side effect, creating more safe spaces to socialize for those in recovery.
  • Plan a long walk with a buddy or schedule a phone date.
  • The shame and fear of being talked about or not invited or feeling like you will be boring because you don’t drink, is holding you back from quitting.
  • Get REAL with yourself about what you want, don’t want, and why taking a break from alcohol matters.
  • Um, I was hospitalized and like 51,52 against you know, like, I did not comply twice.

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What Is Sober Curious?

If you’re looking to connect with and find people who are living an alcohol-free lifestyle, you can now find communities worldwide and at your fingertips in an instant. The biggest surprise most people find when they begin exploring life without booze is the mindset around it. As living alcohol-free has become less of a movement and more of a lifestyle, the greatest growth I’ve witnessed is in the support and community. Church basements are no longer the only meeting ground for nondrinkers. The circles of support for those living alcohol-free have grown exponentially and have strived to create choices that include everyone, no matter what their story or background is. Many use alcohol as a crutch in social situations, so it is crucial to remove yourself from the situations that encourage you to consume alcohol. This will be pivotal in staying sober and maintaining an alcohol free lifestyle.

How Many Trulys To Get Drunk? The Truth About Truly Hard Seltzer

Here we discuss a few of these benefits, helping to provide additional motivation to quit alcohol for good. “Latest figures show that one in three people aged never drink alcohol and those who do, drink less. So with so many consumers now choosing to stay sober, it is important for pubs and bars to review their non-alcoholic offerings,” Carlton told The Spirits Business. Beyond that, I’ve been walking through life with what I can really only describe as a vague, underlying but constant feeling of being slightly off and mildly unwell. My tummy often feels distressed and I’m bloated a lot. I’m pretty much always tired, and I plod through the days, dreading meetings, assignments and work that used to fire me up. Not only do spaces and drinking options exist where being alcohol-free is the norm, but even meeting friends and finding romance has become easier for those who choose not to drink.

And so finding balance can be hard sometimes, you know, yeah. Yeah, I just, I thought about my own journey. And I thought about, you know, I was, I’m in and out of college right now to like, I graduated high school in 2010. And I’ve been kind of in and out of college since then. And right now studying consumer psychology. You know, and psychology has always been super fascinating to me, probably because I’ve been in therapy since I was like, eight. And so you know, we always kind of end up you know, floating towards things that are familiar, right.

First, Change How You See Alcohol

For millennials and Gen Z’s, alcohol consumption is way, way down. And I think there are a few things playing into it. It describes a questioning mind-set that can be applied to any and all drinking occasions. Daybreaker’s goal is to be healthy and have fun while staying substance-free.

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